Yolanda lives on in my girls

That moment when you realise that your wife who passed away almost three years ago still lives on through our precious daughters. I am not referring to their similarities in appearance but rather the inner beauty that Yolanda possessed in abundant supply. The beauty that comes from within is something special, something that many of us have in small doses. Yolanda had it in gigantic proportions and yesterday I got to see and sense it in our girls. Nothing could have made me prouder to see this deep caring for others, a genuine caring without strings attached, a caring that didn’t require an audience, shining brightly from within these two “little Yolanda’s”.

Yolanda even though your time with us was short, I can truly say your legacy is in safe hands. I am certain that both of our girls will pass this onto the next generation.

That moment of deep satisfying joy of knowing Yolanda lives on.